Have a cheaper Christmas with Christmas LED Lights

Homeowners and businesses are switching to Christmas LED lights to have a bright and cheery Christmas without spending extra on energy costs.

Christmas LED Lights

Holiday lights are starting to appear on houses, celebrating the season and brightening streets and walkways. Unfortunately, holiday lights also bring higher energy bills for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities.

In an effort to reduce the amount of energy used and to lower energy bills, many homeowners are decorating their homes and trees with more energy-efficient Christmas LED lights instead of traditional Christmas lights that contain incandescent bulbs.

Same look; different bulbs

As LED light technology has continued to improve, LED holiday lights have become increasingly versatile. For a while, strings of LED lights produced a distinct cool light that many felt didn’t give the holiday look they wanted. Today, LED lights are available in a variety of light warmth and colors. Homeowners and businesses are able to find LED lights to fit any Christmas lighting need they might have.

Identifying incandescent bulbs vs LED bulbs

Incandescent Christmas lights are what most people think of when they think of holiday lighting. Incandescent bulbs are easy to identify by the thin wire filament that glows inside each bulb when it is charge with an electric current. LED light bulbs, on the other hand, don’t contain any filament and are illuminated with an electrical diode that is activated by the electric current.

Benefits of Christmas LED lights

LED light use about 10 percent of the energy that it takes to power a traditional incandescent bulb. That translates to lower electric bills and less guilt about leaving Christmas lights on around the clock. According to the Department of Energy, lighting a six-foot tree for 12 hours a day for 40 days would cost about $10 if you are using incandescent lights and only $0.27 if you are using LED lights.

LED lights also give off virtually no heat. There is very little risk of combustion or burnt fingers.

Other benefits of LED lights include durability, no glass lenses, longer life-span, and easier installation.

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