Use Bent Acrylic Light Panels To Put Your Message Ahead Of The Curve

bent acrylic light panels

A bent acrylic light panel might sound counter-intuitive. After all, bending acrylic or any type of light panel would surely break it – right?

But what if instead of a bent acrylic light panel, you used a curved light panel to illuminate your message.

Curved or bent light panels are a great way to showcase your new promotional campaign, company logo or convention message. They have applications in advertising, mood lighting, and interior decoration. Curved LED light panels give you more creative options and will help you stand out from the crowd.

What makes bent acrylic light panels different

All ThinLight LED light panels are edge-lit. On typical flat, rectangular panels, lights are placed on up to four sides. With bent acrylic light panels, lights are only placed on the top and bottom edge of the light panel. This prevents a visible seam from showing up on the light panel. The light emitted from the LED lights on the top and bottom of the curved panel is directed toward the center of the acrylic. As it passes through the acrylic, it is dispersed by tiny dots that have been etched into the acrylic.

Like all the components of ThinLights’ products, the lights used in the LED backlighting panels are all made at ThinLight’s headquarters in Lakeville, Minnesota. They also pride themselves on sourcing all of the components for their light panels in the United States.

Advantages of LED Backlighting Panels

In almost every area, LED lights vastly outperform their fluorescent and incandescent counterparts. They have significantly longer life spans, are more energy efficient and produce a more even light. They are also able to flash and fade at much higher frequencies than fluorescent lights. Higher flash/fade rates give designers more options and more control over the finished look and impact of their graphic.



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