2×4 LED Light Panels
LED Lights

2×4 LED Light Panels

2×4 LED Light Panels fit every office ceiling.  Its easy to make a major light improvement in your office.  Simply remove the fluorescent fixture, insert 2×4 Light Panels, wire, and enjoy.  For maximum benefit, install a wall dimmer to get perfect light output

LED 2x4 Light Panel
2×4 LED Light Panel by ThinLight Technologies Corp

LED Light Panel Sizes:

Light Panels are available in a variety of sizes.  Our standard sizes include:

  • 1×4 – 36 Watts – 4,500 Lumen Output – 1-10V Dimming
  • 2×2 – 36 Watts – 4,500 Lumen Output – 1-10V Dimming
  • 2×4 – 60 Watts – 6,600 Lumen Output – 1-10V Dimming

Light Panel Prismatic Lens:

LED Light Panels are not all the same.  First of all, our Light Panels come standard with a prismatic lens.  Did you know a prismatic lens makes the LED light easy to look at.   Light Panels without prismatic lens causes excessive eye strain.  Diffused light with prismatic lens is the only way to go!

Light Panel Flicker Free:

Premium 2×4 LED Light Panels are flicker free.  To get flicker free, higher end electronic components are specified in the manufacturing process of the power supply.  Although, a more expensive light to manufacture, our customers say flicker free light is the only way to go!  

Light Panel UL Listed Power Supply:

LED Light Panels come standard with UL Listed power supply for USA and Canada.  We offer universal voltage from 100V-277V as standard.  This will fit every grid ceiling environment.  Also, listed for damp locations make this the perfect light.  This is standard on 2×2 LED Light Panel, along with 1×4, and 2×4 light Panels


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