Two-Sided LED Light Panels

two-sided LED Light Panel
Two-sided light panels can be suspended from the ceiling.

Sure, it’s easy to show off your graphic from the front, but what if you could make it visible from the back too? Think of all the different places you could use a two-sided light panel and how much more visible it would be compared to a traditional panel that only displays the graphic from the front. With ThinLight’s LED two-sided light panels, you can easily showcase your message from the front and the back.

Two-sided light panels can be used in a variety of environments, from subways to department stores, airports, and so many other places. Each illuminated frame is eye-catching and shows off your graphics in a clear, even light.

ThinLight’s LED Light Panels

To illuminate Thinlight LED light panels, light is projected inward from LED light strips that have been soldered in the frame of the panel. An etched acrylic sheet then diffuses the light evenly across the panel and illuminates your graphic.

Since the light panel isn’t backlit like traditional light panels and because the LED lights are inserted into the sides of the frame, ThinLight light panels can easily be customized to showcase graphics on both sides.

With the standard back panel removed and additional acrylic and polycarbonate layers added, the only thing left for you to do is to insert your graphic, mount your light panel, and flip on the switch.

LED sign in retailUses for two-sided LED light panels

Two-sided light panels are a great option for many different environments and settings. At conventions or trade shows, for example, two-sided light panels help ThinLight’s clients make their message visible to matter where their customers are standing.

Two-sided LED light panels are also a great option for retail spaces. For example, a two-sided sign could be placed in a window or display area and be visible to customers in the shop and to passersby. The two-sided light box is perfect for attracting casual customers walking past and customers on the showroom floor. It is also ideal for showcasing advertisements and other messages.

Two-sided LED light panels are popular with customers and are ideal for venues that need maximum visibility.

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