ThinLight: Leading the Way in RGBW & LED-Backlit Stained Glass & Countertops in 2019

ThinLight: Leading the Way in RGBW & LED-Backlit Stained Glass & Countertops in 2019

For years, ThinLight Technologies has been manufacturing custom-sized LED panels for later use in a variety of corporate and residential projects. Some of our customers’ most popular applications for our ultra-thin panels are to utilize them as a backlight for counters, signs, stone, and even stained glass. While these are just the most common applications, ThinLight Technologies is an innovative company which does not shy away from thinking outside the box and helping create new applications. ThinLight’s main focus is customer service, getting a solid grasp on what the customer wants and delivering based on those expectations. If you have an inquiry about our LED Backlight panels, whether you want a quote, or a more detailed description of our processes, please visit this page and fill out a contact form so we can get back to you. 



Thinlight’s efficient, long-lasting panels were chosen for this project in the Minnesota Vikings state-of the-art US Bank Stadium. This is an information desk that is located in the middle of the stadium’s main concourse. These high-lumen output panels are so bright that they draw your eyes and are impossible not to notice. Just as this desk is meant to attract people (fans) who need assistance of some kind, the same distinctness can be effective when our panels are used for signs/advertisements. 

Backlight Panels

While the US Bank counter project features just ThinLight LED panels and a layer of protectant, this movie ticket counter features our backlit panels placed behind stained glass, creating a mesmerizing design. Any lobby, corporate office, or entertainment venue could be enhanced with a beautiful LED backlit counter. 

Here we have an example of a kitchen counter perfectly illuminated with ThinLight LED panels. Backlit granite is becoming increasingly popular in homes every year. With current LED technology and dimming capability, you can expect your ThinLight panels to give you years of trouble free service, while consuming little energy. Unlike other manufacturers, ThinLight’s panels are created using a patented laser-etching process, allowing for perfectly even light distribution. Because of this, our backlit panels will not get dark spots in certain areas before going out completely. 

LED Backlight Panel

Backlit Stained Glass and Artwork:

In the past several months, ThinLight has completed multiple projects with stained glass and other artwork. Pictured here is one wall of a marble shower, backlit with RGBW panels. Our RGBW panels allow for seemingly endless possibilities for designs as customers can now choose from a wide range of colors to place behind stone or glass. 

Here is a photo of one of our recently completed backlit stained glass wall decorations. The light brings out the intricate patterns of the glass and also creates a halo effect on the wall surrounding the it. While we don’t source our own stained glass, we have collaborated with multiple providers, and can assist you in finding if needed. Currently, our main provider for stained glass for these type of projects is “Alexandra Glass.” 

Another recently completed project featuring ThinLights custom-sized panels placed behind an “Underwater” glass design. As you can see, ThinLight Technologies Corporation has experience and expertise when it come to backlit counters, backsplash, stone, and artistic designs. if you would like to view more photos of our work, feel free to visit our gallery. If you would like to discuss a potential LED lighting project with our helpful sales staff or skilled engineers, give us a call today! 

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