Rugged LED Light Panels for High Traffic Areas

Rugged LED Light Panels for Airports

With their polycarbonate cover, ThinLight rugged LED light panels work especially well in high traffic areas where a light panel might be at a greater risk of unintentional scrapes and scratches from pedestrians.

After spending time and money creating the perfect graphic to share your message, you want your graphic to be put in the best light. You also want it to be seen by people – lots and lots of people. The problem with high traffic areas is that it puts your light panel at risk. It’s easy to imagine a child tapping on it with a toy or a woman accidentally brushing against it with the metal clasp on her purse. Unfortunately, even the smallest scratch would be visible through the acrylic layer on your light panel.

It’s just a tiny scratch

A scratch might not seem like a big deal, but even a small imperfection on the acrylic of your ThinLight light panel will be easily visible. ThinLight etches each acrylic panel with tiny dots that help disperse the light that is projected from the LED light strips on the edges of the panel. Any scratches in the acrylic disrupt the dispersion of the light and create a bright spot on your sign. A scratch of significance could make your graphic unreadable.

Fortunately, ThinLight places a polycarbonate cover on their light panels to protect against accidental scratches. The polycarbonate is virtually invisible but it is significantly stronger than acrylic. That means that your graphic will stay protected no matter who or what bumps into it.

Rugged LED Light Panels for High Traffic Areas
With their polycarbonate cover, ThinLight’s LED light signs are perfect for high traffic areas.

Same high quality

To make sure all the components of your light panel, including the acrylic layer, are in perfect condition before the panel is shipped, all ThinLight products go through extensive quality control testing. The engineers, designers, and manufacturers at ThinLight take pride in their products and want to be sure that only the best products are sent out their door. We manufacture one of the most rugged LED light panels on the market.

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