LED Technology in Retail Lighting


There is no denying that retail lighting, including color and brightness levels, affect customer’s shopping experience and habits.

Extensive research has been done to learn how lighting affects shoppers and their behavior. When lighting is done thoughtfully and correctly, it enhances the requirements of an interior space – aesthetically, emotionally and functionally. In a commercial space, it is even more important that lighting complement a shopper’s experience.

Types of retail lighting

Lighting should be aimed to increase product sales while considering a shopper’s enjoyment, well-being and shopping habits.  To achieve that goal there are four primary types of lighting that can be used to enhance a shopper’s experience.

1. General/ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the primary source of lighting in a space. It is the overhead light that ensures a store isn’t dark or gloomy. It is often used to make shoppers feel comfortable and to give them enough light to easily navigate through a store and select items.

2. Task lighting

Task lighting typically is focused lighting that is used to highlight a certain area where more light is needed to perform a specific task. Task lighting is often used in store entrances, checkout areas, dressing rooms and at customer service desks.

3. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used in decor, displays and other specific areas to add a sense of importance and make items stand out. Accent lighting could be used in areas to highlight new products, in shelving units, about window displays or as lighting in display cases.

4. Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is used to specifically add to the mood and feel of a space. Decorative lighting often has as much to do with the lighting as it does with the lighting feature that is used. Decorative lighting can include things such as custom lighting fixtures, chandeliers, or intricate wall fixtures.

Thinlight in retail

The properties of Thinlight’s LED light panels make them an ideal option for retail spaces. Thinlight’s light panels include programmable settings that allow you to customize the intensity of the light in each panel. They also include flash/fade technology which allows users to program lighting levels sequentially to highlight certain areas on the light panel.

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