Modular Light Panels with LED Snap Frames

By using modular light panels with LED snap frames and flash/fade technology, businesses can share their message and can capture their customer’s attention.

LED snap frames

The human eye is naturally drawn to movement. Businesses and marketing departments can take advantage of this natural tendency by using movement and bright graphics to capture their customer’s attention.

Modular light panels offer open more options

Modular light panels give businesses more options for displaying their message by taking advantage of the attraction that movement and light holds to viewers. Thinlight manufactures custom, modular light panels that can be connected to create a cohesive unit. Modular light panels lengthen the available space and allow more information to be shared with customers and passers-by. Custom light panels can be designed to create sequential light panels that fit any space and accommodate any combination of graphics. Designers can then use light to sequentially highlight parts of the graphic in a storyboard style. The LED light panels and light levels in Thinlight’s light panels are all programmable and require little maintenance.

Modular light panels with LED snap frames

Modular light panels are very similar to Thinlight’s traditional light panels and use Thinlight’s same snap frame extrusion technology. These snap frames are strong and durable and hold up to two layers of graphics securely in place.

We know that not every type of snap frame will work in every space. That’s why our snap frames are available in five standard colors: buffed bright black, satin black, buffed bright natural, satin natural, and buffed bright pewter. Even though Thinlight snap frames are some of the strongest on the market, they remain very thin. At less than an inch thick, they lay virtually flat on the wall.

In addition holding graphics and the protective acrylic and polycarbonate layers securely in place, snap frames also provide a subtle frame to each LED light panel, giving graphics a professional, finished look.

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