LED Parking Lot Light

LED Parking Lot Lights

LED parking lot light especially used for energy saving, maintenance cost reduction, and lastly lighting performance. LED fixtures commonly utilize “multi-point” sources. Most importantly, in LEDs shows the result of retrofitting parking and area lighting.

Naturally, our ultra-efficient street lights will save your city or business energy. First, we exceed the latest DLC 4.3 Premium standard best in class! Next, we have exceeded 140 Lumens per watt, saving you even more on energy costs. In addition, installation or maintenance of the light requires only 2 screws. Undoubtedly, crews will not have much maintenance on our lights!

LED Parking Lot Light

Street Light Change Will Save You Money

In Street Lighting, change is good. LED lighting has far surpassed conventional lighting in electrical savings and light output. In addition, maintenance crew requirements are reduced to a minimum due to the long life (54,000 hours) of LED Street Lights. In fact, with lower operating temperatures, LED lights are much safer. Furthermore, LED Light pollution is minimized with motion sensing or Dali lighting controls to shut off lights. Finally, LED Street Lights can dim to 10% allow even more flexibility with energy savings.

LED Parking Lot Light

Street Light Efficiency

ThinLight’s LED Street Light design exceeds the latest DLC efficiency standards.  Above all, we achieve DLC 4.3 Premium, highest in class. The lights feature Philips LED chips which allow for high lumen output, along with a 54,000-hour life. More importantly, luminous efficacy is 140 Lumens per Watt.  This results in increased light output, at a minimal operating cost.

Street Light Input Voltage

ThinLight’s LED Street Light comes standard with the universal input voltage of AC 100V-288V. We also have an optional increased voltage capability of AC 277-528V. Our 100-200 Watt LED Street Light can replace a high-intensity discharge lamp (HID) of 200-1,000 watts. Best of all, a 10kV (Line-To-Ground) surge protection is standard.

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