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LED Backlighting Panels

Thinlight LED backlighting panels are ideal for showcasing your graphics. Whether it’s your company’s logo, an advertisement for your business, or mood lighting for your space, LED backlighting panels boost visibility and turn casual viewers into customers.

LED Backlighting Panels

Make Your Message Glow

Advertisers, marketers and designers have used backlighting to increase the visibility of their graphics for years. The human eye is naturally drawn to backlit graphics. Backlighting a graphic simply makes it easier to see regardless of external lighting levels. Previously, inefficient and unreliable fluorescent and incandescent lighting were the only choices on the market. Today, however, LED lighting has stepped to the forefront of the industry and has quickly become the number one choice for backlit graphics and advertisements.

Advantages of LED Backlighting Panels

In almost every arena, LED lights vastly outperform their fluorescent and incandescent counterparts. LED lights have significantly longer life spans, are more energy efficient and produce a more even light with no shadows. They are also able to flash and fade at higher frequencies than fluorescent and incandescent lights. Higher flash/fade rates give designers more options and more control over the finished look and impact of their graphic.

LED Edge-Lighting

Thinlight LED backlighting panels are all edge-lit, meaning LED lights are placed on up to four edges of the frame. The light is then directed inward and dispersed through the etched acrylic backing. In most Thinlight LED panels, the LED panel is lit on only two sides. However,  LED light can be projected from all four sides, depending on your lighting needs. Like all of the components of Thinlights’ products, the lights used in the LED backlighting panels are all made at Thinlight’s headquarters in Lakeville, Minnesota. After they are produced, the LED light strips are wired together and cut to the appropriate length. The light strips are then placed in the custom made panel frames and used to light graphics with the most efficient and reliable light on the market.