Curved LED Light Panels Show Off Your Message From Every Angle

LED Custom Light
LED Custom Light by: ThinLight Technologies Corp

It’s easy to imagine the benefits of putting your message in a standard LED light panel frame to illuminate your graphic so that it can be eye-catching and show off your message. But maybe what you have in mind calls for a little something more. Maybe you need your sign to be visible no matter where people are standing. Or maybe you want your sign suspended in the middle of a showroom floor. Or maybe you have a unique space that won’t work for a standard rectangle light panel.

At ThinLight we have the perfect solution. Our curved LED light panels will let you showcase your message in a complete circle, using 360 degrees to illuminate your message.

Curved LED Light Panel To Showcase Your Message

Because ThinLight light panels are thin and flexible, they can be bent and installed in a curved frame. Curved LED light panels produce the same amount of quality, even light and their light frames can be curved around nearly any surface.

Curved LED light panels are ideal for high visibility areas and can be used in retail stores, industry connections, malls, airports – the list goes on and on.

Making Curved LED Light Panels

ThinLight has developed a reputation in the industry of producing reliable, high quality LED light panels. Curved LED light panels are produced by using the same etching technique that is to create rectangular, flat LED light panels. An acrylic panel is cut to the desired dimensions and then etched with tiny dots. The dots ensure that the light is diffused evenly across the panel. The acrylic is then carefully bent and attached to the snap frame extrusions. Curved LED light panels work best with a narrow width and a gentle curve which allows the light to travel smoothly and evenly around the curve.

Quality LED Panels Made in the USA

No matter what shape it comes in, you can expect your LED light panel to conform to ThinLight’s high quality standards. Each panel is thoroughly tested using a rigorous process. Most signs are rated to last up to 10 years or more. The entire manufacturing process is conducted in the USA, and our LED panels come with a limited five-year warranty on all the power supplies and a three-year warranty LED panels.

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