Commercial Uses for LED Lights

Since LED light panels were introduced to the market, they have been a popular choice for illuminating graphics with consistent, reliable light and the Commercial uses for LED lights has continued to expand. ThinLight takes pride in keeping their products at the forefront of LED light technology and being a leader in the industry and .

Commercial uses for LED lights

With their durability, reliability, and energy efficiency, LED light panels are an ideal choice for clients looking to display their graphic in commercial spaces. The long lifespan of the LED light used in each light panel will help ensure that ThinLight’s light panels will still be going strong for years to come.

LED light panels beat out fluorescent and traditional light signs time and time again, especially in commercial spaces.  We’ve seen our signs used in numerous applications, but here are some of the most popular uses.

LED light panels for retail spaces


With all of the features that come with ThinLight’s LED light panels, they are a great choice for retail spaces. They give retailer the options they need to customize their light panel and to make it fit for their branding and vision.

LED light panels for businesses

Wells Fargo Bank - Lexington

ThinLight’s LED light panels have been used by businesses and organizations draw customers’ attention. One client used light panels to highlight the history of each of the communities where they had a branch.

LED light panels for conventions

LED Light Trade Show

Including a light panel at your next convention or trade show will help distinguish your business from the crowd. Illuminated graphics draw attention. With ThinLight’s dual-sided light panels, you aren’t limited to being noticed from only one side.

LED light panels for commercial walkways

Airport LED light

In spite of their thin profile, ThinLight’s LED light panels are durable enough for high traffic areas like airports and malls. Even if the light panel is placed at eye level and is occasionally bumped or scratched, they won’t show wear or tear.

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