LED High Bay

Premo LED lights deliver more than twice the light output, while consuming half the energy compared to common metal halide (Mercury) lights.  Most product ships with acrylic reflector instead of aluminum. High Bays are sold with a motion/daylight sensor and polycarbonate hood/reflector. All High Bay LED Lights are 120 degree cone, but when the polycarbonate reflector is placed on it the cone is reduced to 90 degree. There is some diffusion around the light due to the clarity of the polycarbonate reflector.

Premo High-Bay lights have exceeded the latest DLC 4.0 standard. 130 Lumens/Watt Premo lights are listed as one of the most efficient LED High-Bay lights in the industry, carrying a 5-year warranty. Premo High-Bay comes standard with microwave motion sensing for greater energy savings.

Premo High-Bay lights are UL-Listed in USA and Canada. Premo High-Bay lights are; IP65 Rated, DLC 4.0, and RoHS certi ed, having 26,000 Lumens output, with the input power of AC100 – 277V.

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