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Why You Should Go Green With Energy Efficient LED Light Signs

Wells Fargo Bank Sparta-LED Sign

It’s pretty clear that “going green” isn’t just a trend. Environmental consciousness is here to stay. In every area of life, people and businesses are becoming more aware of the effect that their actions are having on the world around them. Fortunately, ThinLight makes efficient LED light signs that are perfect for illuminating your message while having a significantly lower environmental impact.

In the 50 years since LED lights entered the market, the technology behind them has continued to improve. LED light and LED light products are now widely known for their efficiency and long lifespan, and they can drastically reduce the cost of interior and exterior lighting in homes, public buildings and commercial properties.

Long lifespan of efficient led light signs

Not only do LED lights use less electricity to produce the same level of light, they have a longer lifespan compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Image you are using a lightbulb every day for six hours over a twenty year period. During those twenty years, you would have to change a fluorescent bulb nine times and a halogen bulb 14 times. An incandescent bulb would need to be changed a whopping 37 times. It might not seem like that big of a deal for just one bulb, but if all the bulbs in your house are incandescent, suddenly you’ll feel like you’re changing a couple bulbs every month.

LED lights, on the other hand, will last well over two decades. That’s right, you could be changing a bulb 37 times over twenty years, or just once with an LED bulb.

If you’re looking at an efficient LED light sign, a longer lifespan means less maintenance for you. You won’t have to worry about checking to see if your sign is still lit or replacing bulbs. Instead you can be confident that your LED light sign is still showing off your message brightly.

Even if one LED bulb goes out in your sign, the design of ThinLight’s LED light signs and the LED light strips will ensure that the outage will virtually be unnoticeable to a casual observer.

Environmental impact of an efficient led light sign

A longer lifespan isn’t the only reasons to use LED lights if you’re looking for an efficient LED light sign. LED lights use 85% less energy than incandescent and fluorescent lighting and have lower carbon emissions. There aren’t any poisonous elements used to make LED lights while other types of lighting often use mercury and polluting gases in their bulbs. Because of the projected and directional nature of LED light, light pollution is virtually eliminated with LED light bulbs. That means that all of the light in your efficent LED light sign will be used to illuminate your message.