Thinlight Can Create a Custom Light Panel for Your Space


As LED light technology continues to advance and improve, more companies are taking advantage of the benefits of LED light panels to showcase their graphics and message. Adding a custom light panel to your office building or to your next tradeshow event can seem like a complicated undertaking. However, no matter what makes your situation unique – maybe it’s the layout of your space, or the potential for glare from windows – the team at Thinlight will work with you to create a custom LED light panel for your needs.

Custom light panel for your space

Thinlight specializes in creating custom LED light panels to turn their client’s vision into reality. Standard light panel sizes range from 16 x 20 inches all the way up to 144 x 60 inches. However, light panels can be designed to meet virtually any space, no matter how big or small. For larger light panels, Thinlight uses their modular technology and creates multiple light panels that connect to produce a cohesive unit.

Once Thinlight has created the light panel to their client’s specifications, graphics can be inserted into the light panel. Each panel is covered with an acrylic sheet that mimics glass but is different in a few key ways. Unlike glass, there is virtually no reflective glare on acrylic. That means that graphics in a Thinlight panel will be visible in any lighting situation, even in direct sunlight. The other major difference between glass and acrylic is that acrylic is significantly lighter than glass, allowing for larger light panels that are easier to mount and handle.

Same Reliable Warranty

Thinlight is confident and proud of the quality of their products and always stands behind their work. They offer a limited 3-year warranty and a comprehensive quality assurance process. To learn more about their light panels or to get pricing information contact them today.


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