LED Street Light deliver twice the light output.  Furthermore, consumes half the energy compared to common metal halide (Mercury) lights.  In addition, LED Light ships with acrylic reflector. Even more, motion/daylight sensor and polycarbonate hood/reflector are standard.

              All LED Lights have 120 degree cone, the polycarbonate reflector reduces the cone to 90 degree. Indeed, diffusion around the light looks good.               


                A street light, street lamp or lamp standard is a raised source of light on the edge of the road or path. Its an intergrated light that uses LED as its light source. Most street lights have lens on the LED panel, which is design to cast its rectangular pattern.


             Different designs are created that incorporate various types of LED into light fixture. The shape of the street lights depends on the different factors, including LED configuration, the heat  sink used with the LEDs and the aesthetic design preference. Life span of LED street lights determined by its light output compared to its original designed specification. Once its brightness reduced by 30 percentage then its at the end of the life.  


         Firstly, advantage of LED street light are reduced glare, higher output at lower temperatures, more accurate color rendering. In addition, Immediate restart, quick turn off and on, low energy consumption. LED street lights installation in the 10 metropolitan cities of U.S. reduce the carbon-di-oxide emission 12 million metric tons, and save at least $90 million annual electricity cost. 


           LED lighting fixtures produce less illumination. First thing to remember is to use a well-distributed illuminated pattern. LED street lighting are also minimize the light pollution, increase the comfort and visibility.

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