LED Light Panels That Stand Out

LED for High Traffic Areas
With their polycarbonate cover, ThinLight’s LED light signs are perfect for high traffic areas.

After years of selling reliable LED light panels and displays, we’ve seen our products used in every setting you can imagine. From event arenas, to business displays to convention centers to retail spaces, ThinLight LED lights are perfect for showing off your message in the right light. Our customers love the reliability of our products and the personalized, friendly service they know they’ll get when they work with ThinLight.

Our light panels are one of a kind, and at ThinLight, we’re continuously exploring new technologies to make sure our products stay cutting edge. Here are three features of our light panels that make us stand out from the competition.

LED light panels with snap frames

Thinlight LED light snap frames are durable and easy to use.
Thinlight LED light snap frames are durable and easy to use.

At ThinLight, we’ve designed one of the thinnest snap frame extrusions from our LED light panels without compromising on strength and durability. Our snap frames are less than 1-inch deep. In fact, they are so thin, they practically lay flat on the wall. Plus, ThinLight frames can accommodate any print and are highly scalable. They are available in standard sizes ranging from 16 x 20 inches up to 144 x 60 inches. ThinLight also offers a wide range of frame colors to complement your graphic, and our team will be happy to work with you to create a custom sized snap frame to fit your graphic.

Even light diffusion to illuminate your graphic

Reliable LED Light Panel
Available in standard and custom sizes, Thinlight light panels are reliable, long lasting and energy efficient.

ThinLight LED light panels use a revolutionary light diffuser to deliver bright illumination evenly across your graphic. Light is projected from the LED lights set into the snap frame extrusion and then projected across an acrylic cover. By etching the acrylic with ThinLight’s patented etching process, ThinLight is able to ensure even light diffusion and neutral light density in their signs.

Sequencer and motion to add interest

Modular light panel
Modular light panels use flash fade technology to showcase images sequentially.

One of the key features of ThinLight LED light panels is their programmable smart-board with a built-in microprocessor. The smart-board allows you to take advantage of ThinLight’s flash/fade technology, creating the illusion of movement and sequentially highlighting sections of your graphic. By using the sequencer and motion features, you can program your light panel to create motion and design animation storyboards to convey your marketing message.

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