High Bay Light

High Bay Light

LED High Bay delivers twice the light output.  Furthermore, consumes half the energy compared to common metal halide (Mercury) lights.  In addition, LED Light ships with an acrylic reflector.  Even more, motion daylight sensor and polycarbonate hood reflector are standard.  All High Bay LED Lights have 120 degree cone; the polycarbonate reflector reduces the cone to 90 degrees.  Indeed, diffusion around the light looks good.

high bay light
High Bay by ThinLight

DLC Certified:

Granted, our lights exceed the latest DLC 4.0 Standard.  Furthermore, output of 130 lumens/watt.  Premo Lights listed as one of the most energy efficient LED High Bay Lights in the industry.  In addition, carry a 5-year warranty.  High bays come standard with microwave motion sensing for additional energy savings.

UL Listed:

Of course, LED Lights are UL-Listed in USA and Canada. Likewise, IP65 Rated, DLC 4.0, and RoHS Certified. Nevertheless, LED light has 26,000 lumen output.  Finally, variable input power from 100V AC to 277V AC.  

Motion Sensing for High Bay Lights:

LED High Bay Light with Motion Sensor by ThinLight Technologies

Save even more energy with motion sensing. If fact, you wont even know its saving you energy. Leave the building, and the lights will automatically lower the energy to save energy. Still no activity, the lights will shut off. Its hard to fake out our motion sensor. If your moving, the lights are on.

Polycarbonate Lens:

LED High Bay Light with Polycarbonate Lens.  UL Listed, IP-67 Rated.  DLC Certified.  Motion Sensing
LED High Bay Light with Polycarbonate Dome by ThinLight Technologies

Most importantly, A Polycarbonate lens saves the eyes from LED eye strain. Of course, you can have great illumination and no eye strain. Hence, our LED lights come standard with Polycarbonate Lens for even light distribution, and low eye strain.

LED High Bay Light Improves Safety

LED High Bay Light by ThinLight Technologies Corporation

About Thinlight

As an environmentally responsible innovator in the low-power LED industry, we develop cutting edge LED technology to add motion and flexibility to advertising messages. We take a quality-first approach to design. All our products are assembled in the USA to ensure the highest quality and shortest lead times. We offer the industry’s largest selection of LED light panels engineered to deliver brilliance. All our products are backed by a three year warranty.

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