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  • LED Snap Frame

    LED Snap Frame


    LED Snap Frames make advertising graphics look amazing.  We are proud to offer the most uniform, brightest backlight snap frame in the industry, At less than an inch thick, we are also one of the thinnest in the industry.   Illuminated graphics modernize your space, making unlit graphics obsolete.


    We are proud to offer the brightest most uniform LED Snap Frame in the industry.  We achieve our brightness, and uniformity with a ThinLight Patented laser etching process.  Not only do we have the most uniform light in the industry, but our laser also etched dots do not fade over time.


    Some installations require dimming.  We offer built-in dimming on all products.  With 0-10V Dimming, you can now adjust the illumination needed for the time of day or space requirements.  All connections from the power supply are water-tight locking connectors, for years of trouble-free service.


    Custom manufacturing is our core business.  We build LED Snap Frames to order.  Our standard procedure is to understand your frame size requirements, populate a CAD drawing, and return for approval.  After CAD approval and Purchas Order.  Our standard lead-time is 2-3 weeks.


    Power Supply for LED Frame:

    To Conclude, our power supplies are UL Listed, with water tight IP67 rated connections. Granted, you don’t need this type of quality for indoor LED Snap Frames, but it comes standard. In addition, we manufacture with Type P power supplies. Specifically, this is the most power efficient power supply on the market.

    Snap Frame Life:

    Finally, our Snap Frame is designed for long life. Our standard warranty is 5 years, with a 7 year power supply de-rated to 5 years. Our LED’s are 70,000 Hr. LED’s de-rated to 5 years. Even more, our wire interconnect uses aircraft quality splices. We are not the lowest cost game in town, but we are the highest quality!

    LED Illuminated Snap Frame:

    LED Snap Frame brings marketing to life. Backlit graphics Modernize your store, office, waiting room, or facility with brilliant LED Illuminated graphics. Modern branding always includes illuminated graphics. LED Illuminated signs make you look. Next time you walk by your TV, try not to notice. Our eyes always notice brighter objects.

    The reason top brands use Illuminated graphics in retail is because they increase sales. Increase brand loyalty with LED Snap Frames. Here at ThinLight Technologies, We manufacture custom sizes for LED Illuminated Snap Frames.

    Snap Frame Dimming:

    Manufactured with High Lumen output LED’s, we are the brightest in the industry. Applications where the lumen output needs to dim at night is easily adjustable with built-in LED dimming.

    LED Snap Frames Graphic Protection:

    The polycarbonate sheet protects Graphic from Public wear and tear. The laser cut Polycarbonate sheet precisely fits over the illuminated graphic. The Polycarbonate sheet will hold graphics flat to the LED snap frames.  Thus, protect the LGP in public environments.


    Power supplies are Class 2 UL listed in USA and Canada.  We are Class P and type HL.   UL IP76 rated with an input voltage of 100-277VAC. We comply with part 15 of the FCC rules for use in dry, damp and wet locations.

    For our LED Snap Frame, we are ETL Certified in the USA and Canada for Damp and Dry locations.

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  • LED Backlit Stone

    Backlight Panels

    Backlight Panels

    LED Light Panel Services


    When ordering Backlight Panels from ThinLight:

    • About 7-working day turnaround for most orders,
    • Customized sizes including curved panels,
    • We manufacture ThinLight Light Panels in the USA only,
    • ThinLight knows LEDs, having built LED strips for many of the large LED companies on the market today,
    • Resources to build one panel or 5,000 pcs. Under one roof.

    You can expect from our products:

    • Manufactured with patented technology and Made in the USA,
    • Standard and Ultra-thin design frames,
    • Panels with the clarity, brightness and uniformity in design,
    • Custom sizes from 4”x4” to 5’ x 10’, even in a curved panel,
    • No one makes a larger sized panel in one sheet of acrylic,
    • Highest quality components with LEDs rated at 100,000 hours,
    • We have a product suited for most applications,
    • ThinLight products are fully certified for the U.S. and Canada, we ship products throughout North and South America and the Caribbean

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  • LED Robotic Lighting

    LED Robotic Lighting


    • No shadows within cell, unlike traditional lighting source lit from one location
    • Does not affect AIO, camera, sensors or readers within cell
    • Bright white light provides clearest vision during setup, measurements, calibrating and production
    • Clear White Light results in higher productivity and safer conditions
    • LED Lighting can be customized for most robotic cells and install in a matter of minutes, depending on location
    • ThinLight LED Lighting is not affected by vibration, static, noise or other EMF sources
    • Users report higher satisfaction in work environment when using ThinLight Robotic Cell Lighting
    • ThinLight Robotic Cell Lighting has been on 24-hours a day for the past 5-years and are still going strong


    • ThinLight LED Robotic Cell Lighting uses standard 110v 15amp service
    • Does not require any bulb changes as LED’s are rated at 100,000 hours or about 11-years
    • Power supply is external for instant replacement if required
    • LED Panels acrylic can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner just by whipping the lit area of the panel
    • Robotic Cell Lighting uses a 12vdc circuit and is safe from electrical shock
    • Robotic Cell lighting is available from 6” x 6” to 5’ x 10’ to ensure entire cell is evenly lit
    • ThinLight products are warranted for 3-years and power supplies are warranted for 5-years
    • And, the great thing about ThinLight LED Robotic Cell Lighting… it is about half the cost of bar lighting or fixture lighting
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  • Led high bay lights

    LED High Bay Light

    LED High Bay Light

    LED High Bay Light deliver twice the light output.  Furthermore, consumes half the energy compared to common metal halide (Mercury) lights.  In addition, LED Light ships with acrylic reflector. Even more, motion/daylight sensor and polycarbonate hood/reflector are standard. All LED Lights have 120 degree cone, the polycarbonate reflector reduces the cone to 90 degree. Indeed, diffusion around the light looks good.

    High Bay lights exceeded the latest DLC 4.0 standard. Furthermore output 130 Lumens/Watt. Premo lights are listed as one of the most efficient LED High-Bay lights in the industry.  In addition, carrying a 5-year warranty. Premo High-Bay comes standard with microwave motion sensing for greater energy savings.

    LED High-Bay lights are UL-Listed in USA and Canada. Premo High-Bay lights are; IP65 Rated, DLC 4.0, and RoHS certified, having 26,000 Lumens output, with the input power of AC100 – 277V.


    • Dimmable 1-10v DALI Driver with LED Wall Dimmer
    • Meanwell power supply
    • High light efficiency ranging from 130lm/watt – 140lm/w
    • Certified under UL, CUL, DLC, TUV, CE, CB, RCM, GS and RoHS
    • 5-year warranty



    Tech Specs

    Net Weight 14 lbs 18 lbs 22 lbs
    Gross Weight 16 lbs 20 lbs 24 lbs
    Power Consumption 200Watt 300Watt 400Watt
    Part Number TL-HB04-200W TL-HB04-300W TL-HB04-400W
    Luminous Flux 26,000lm – 28,000lm 32,500lm – 34,000lm 44,500lm – 46,000lm
    Dimensions 280 x 228mm 300 x 250mm 300 x 400mm
    Housing Material Aluminum (Black) + Glass Lens + Acrylic Hood
    Beam Angle 90ᵒ with acrylic hood / 120ᵒ without
    Color Temperature 4000k, 5000k
    Input Voltage 100 – 277vac
    Power Factor > 0.9
    Color Rendering Index > 80ra
    Operating Temperature -30 ~ +50ᵒC
    Operating Humidity 15 – 90%RH
    MTBF 54000+ hours
    Ingress Protection IP65

    NOTE: The Light Power from 100-300 watts can replace HID of 200 – 1000watts. Up-charge for Acrylic hood metal ring and bottom lens.

      Terms or purchase:

    • Payment: Credit Card, Terms based on credit approval, Wire Transfer
    • Shipping: FOB Lakeville, Minnesota
    • Discounts offered based on quantity
    • We welcome you to visit our factory and experience the lighting
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  • downlighting

    LED Light Panel

    LED Light Panel

    LED Light Panel available in 2×4, 2×2, and 1×4 sizes. LED Panels are perfect for new construction or upgrade for LED School Lights, LED Hospital Lights, and LED Office Lights. Furthermore, designed to fit into the standard office ceiling grid pattern. For instance, LED panel light used in classrooms, offices, schools, hospitals, retail, and manufacturing. After all, our LED lighting is flicker free with 0-10V dimmable. Indeed, LED Troffer Lights come standard with a Prismatic lens.
    That is, our LED Light Panels all have Prismatic Lens Technology. Prismatic Lens eliminates the bright spots that cause a headache or fatigue. LED panel lights are UL Listed, DLC 4.0 Certified, FCC Listed, and certified for dry and damp locations.
    Additionally, if you are tired of recycling your old Fluorescent bulbs, and your office looks obsolete, its time upgrade to LED Troffer Lights by ThinLight Technologies Corporation. We are very excited our customer feedback reports an upgrade in light output over fluorescent bulbs, and that elimination of light flicker has a calming effect. For example, computer users say dimming the light makes the computer screen easy to view, and student research studies have shown improved learning from flicker free LED lighting. Please contact our sales team for a demo on LED Panel Lighting.


    • UL, cUL, DLC 4.0, FCC.
    • Listed for Damp Location
    • SDCM<4.
    • Troffer premium LED Lumens-Per-Watt – 125LPW.
    • Prismatic lens (UGR<19) options.
    • 5- year warranty.
    • Recessed, Surface mounted kits, Suspending kits accessories.
    • AC100-277 or 347v optional.
    • CCT Change available.
    • OPTIONAL: Emergency back-up available.

    Tech Specs

    Size 2’x2’ Panel 1’x4’ Panel 2’x4’ Panel
    Wattage 36 watts 36 watts 60 watts
    Lumen Output 4500LM 4500LM 6600LM
    Driver Options AC100 – 277v 1-10v Dimming
    Color Temperature 4000k / 5000k
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  • LED Downlight

    LED Downlight

    LED Downlights designed with elegance in mind.  First of all,  we understand LED lighting.  Beautiful LED light, with energy savings.  Next, we offer a wide variety of LED Bezels, multiple bezel colors, and Bezel shape options.  Our LED Downlights are modular, allowing for a change bezels as new home improvement trends happen.  Finally, Downlights last 50 times longer, when compared to incandescent bulbs.  Yet, are over 4 times as efficient.  Design in your flexibility from the start.

    Eye Strain

    LED Lighting in the home should be abundant, and calming.  Premo Downlights are recessed.  Thus, reducing eye strain, by keeping the LED light away from your eyes.  Furthermore, Premo LED Downlights are flicker free, reducing agitation, and migraines, for people affected by flicker.


    LED instillation is simple and fast.  First remove the existing bulb from your existing recessed can.  Second screw in the adapter.  Finally, connect the wire plug, and slide the LED Downlight springs into the recessed can clip holder.  Suitable for damp locations, our dimmable 90+ CRI LED Lights will look fantastic.

    DL21-9CS10-S290W / DL21-18CS10-S290W


    • Modular design, trim available in five colors.
    • Modular design, round and square trim options.
    • Dimmable to 5% with most Lutron and Leviton dimmer.
    • AC120V/60Hz Triac dimming.
    • 50,000 hours LED life,
    • 5-year warranty.
    • ETL certified, Energy star & CA T24 approved.

    Tech Specs

    Size 4 inch 6 inch
    Power 9W 18W
    Input Voltage 120V(AC)60Hz 120V(AC)60Hz
    Total Luminous 660lm +/-5% 1350lm +/-5%
    Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90+ 90+
    Dimming Triac Dimming Triac Dimming
    Color Temp 3000 or 5000K 3000 or 5000K


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About Thinlight

As an environmentally responsible innovator in the low-power LED industry, we develop cutting edge LED technology to add motion and flexibility to advertising messages. We take a quality-first approach to design. All our products are assembled in the USA to ensure the highest quality and shortest lead times. We offer the industry’s largest selection of LED light panels engineered to deliver brilliance. All our products are backed by a three year warranty.

ThinLight Technologies Corporation BBB Business Review