Thinlight LED Light Panels

LED light panels are a great way to showcase your message no matter your audience or building that you have in mind. Thinlight’s light panels use cutting edge technology to make a product that is as reliable as it is energy efficient.

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Using LED light panels

LED light panels can be used in a variety of settings for advertising and to highlight information. They are effective in almost any indoor environments from subways to airports, shopping malls to building entrances. The illuminated snap frame is eye-catching and the technology used in each frame makes them highly reliable and durable.

Thinlight LED light panels

Each Thinlight LED light panel is made with high quality LED light strips that have been manufactured and produced right here in the United States. Making a product that customers can trust is one of Thinlight’s highest priorities. That’s why Thinlight uses the highest quality parts in their products and only work with vendors they know and trust.

Within each light panel, light is projected from LED light strips that have been inserted into the snap frame extrusion. Light is then dispersed across the acrylic cover and diffused by tiny dots that have been evenly placed across the surface.

Each LED light panel uses Thinlight’s revolutionary light diffuser to produce bright, even light over the surface of the light panel. Graphics placed in a Thinlight light panel are illuminated vividly and are eye-catching.

Same commitment to quality

As Thinlight remains committed to keeping all of their products 100 percent made in the United States, they will continue to offer LED light panels with the same high standards of quality that their customers have come to expect. Thinlight also believes in supporting other businesses based in the United States and remains committed to only using materials that have been made right here in America.

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About Thinlight

As an environmentally responsible innovator in the low-power LED industry, we develop cutting edge LED technology to add motion and flexibility to advertising messages. We take a quality-first approach to design. All our products are assembled in the USA to ensure the highest quality and shortest lead times. We offer the industry’s largest selection of LED light panels engineered to deliver brilliance. All our products are backed by a three year warranty.

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