LED Snap Frame

LED Snap Frame:

LED Snap Frame by ThinLight Technologies

Graphic Protection:

The polycarbonate sheet protects Graphic from Public wear and tear. The laser cut Polycarbonate sheet precisely fits over the illuminated graphic. The Polycarbonate sheet will hold graphics flat to the LED snap frames.  Thus, protect the LGP in public environments.

Snap Frame Dimming:

Manufactured with High Lumen output LED’s, we are the brightest in the industry. Applications where the lumen output needs to dim at night is easily adjustable with built-in LED dimming.

LED Snap Frame Power Supply:

Our power supplies are class P rated.  The most efficient, longest lasting power supplies in the industry.  UL Listed, and IP 65 rated.  Water tight connectors come standard on our power supplies.

LED Snap Frame, Custom LED Light, Custom LED Light Panels
LED Snap Frames gives even illumination for advertising space by ThinLight Technologies Corp.

Snap Frame Custom Sizes

custom-led-Snap- Frame
Custom LED Snap Frames available in every size.

In Fact, all manufacturing completed in the USA.  Our extrusions design is thin, light, and durable.  Next, CAD drawings created with customer input. Simultaneously, customers can choose anodized frame colors and power cord locations. Indeed, hanging the custom size snap frame is simple. In fact, pre-drilled CNC hole locations protected by plastic inserts.  Finally, hold the Snap Frame against the wall, drill in designated areas, and mount to the wall with anchors. Sizes range up to 5’x10’ in a single sheet of optical grade acrylic.

Thinlight LED light snap frames are durable and easy to use.

LightBox Dimming:

By the same token, dimming as a standard to our Lightbox.  Being the brightest in the industry, some locations could require a softer light.  Built in dimming gives all customers the perfect lumen output per application.

Double Sided LED Snap Frame”

two-sided LED Light Panel
Two-sided light panels can be suspended from the ceiling.

Double sided LED Snap Frame allows different graphics on each side. Custom sizes are available up to 5’x10′. Built in hangars make it easy to hang from ceiling with steel cable.

Power Supply:

The class-2 ThinLight power supply has standard 5-year warranty with a Class-P rating.  In fact, best in class. The universal input voltage from 100V-277 Volts AC. IP67 Rated, with watertight screw on connectors. Again, UL Listed in USA and Canada, with Built-In Dimming.

About Thinlight

As an environmentally responsible innovator in the low-power LED industry, we develop cutting edge LED technology to add motion and flexibility to advertising messages. We take a quality-first approach to design. All our products are assembled in the USA to ensure the highest quality and shortest lead times. We offer the industry’s largest selection of LED light panels engineered to deliver brilliance. All our products are backed by a three year warranty.

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