LED Technology

Brighter is better

LED bulbs are smaller and more efficient than fluorescent bulbs.  Each LED light panel has a life span of over 100,000 hours when used continuously. You won’t have to worry about changing bulbs or replacing your light box display for over 11 years!  Because of their long life span, LED light panels make great permanent fixtures in airports, transportation stations, malls and stadiums.

Proprietary Technology

  • Diffuser Light Transfer Panels
    ThinLight has patented a revolutionary diffuser that delivers both even and bright illumination when edge lit. Light diffusion is a method that transmits the brightest light found near the edges to areas of the panel that has the least amount of light (the center of the panel) in an even pattern of distribution. The pattern is calculated by algorithms that take into consideration the area of the panel, the distance between LEDs, the thickness of the acrylic, and the brightness of the lamps.
  • LED Circuit Boards
    Before finding the ideal LED board design and lamps, ThinLight researched and tested LEDs from around the world. The LEDs on our boards are some of the most efficient in the marketplace and each has been tested to assure uniformity of color and brightness.  As a Industrial Lighting Manufacturer, we also test in vibration and thermal shock.
  • Sequencer and Motion Sensor
    The key component to our ThinLight Mirror and animated LED light boxes is Thinlight Smartboard. It’s programmable micro processor is the brains that creates motion with light. The on-board proximity sensor can detect motion up to 12 feet away.
  • LED Snap Frame
    ThinLight has engineered one of the thinnest heavy-duty LED snap frame extrusions in the marketplace. At less then one inch deep, our LED Light Box frame will accommodate your prints.  Our illuminated light boxes are the most uniform in the industry, making your illuminated graphics beautiful.  Illuminated Light Box Manufacturing by ThinLight Technologies Corporation

About Thinlight

As an environmentally responsible innovator in the low-power LED industry, we develop cutting edge LED technology to add motion and flexibility to advertising messages. We take a quality-first approach to design. All our products are assembled in the USA to ensure the highest quality and shortest lead times. We offer the industry’s largest selection of LED light panels engineered to deliver brilliance. All our products are backed by a three year warranty.

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