LED Robotic Light


LED ROBOTIC NIGHTWATCH  shows No shadows within cell, because traditional lighting source lit from one location.
– Does not affect AIO, camera, sensors or readers within the cell.
– Bright white light provides clearest vision during setup, measurements, calibrating and production.
–  Therefore Clear White Light results in higher productivity and safer conditions.
–  LED ROBOTIC NIGHTWATCH Lighting can be customized for most robotic cells and install in a matter of minutes, depending on location.
– Vibration, static, noise or other EMF sources does not affect Thin light lighting.
– In working environment, users reports higher satisfaction using Thin light robotic cell lighting.
– For the past 5 years, Thin LED light Robotic cell lighting working 24/7 and still going strong.

Technical specification of  LED ROBOTIC NIGHTWATCH:

– LED ROBOTIC NIGHTWATCH uses standard 110v 15amp service
–  LED’s are rated at 100,000 hours or about 11-years. So it does not require any bulbs.
– For instant replacement, power supply is external as per requirement.
– LED ROBOTIC NIGHTWATCH uses Non-abrasive cleaner  to clean the LED Panels acrylic. In other words, we just use to whipping the lit area of the panel.
– LED Lighting uses a 12vdc circuit and safe from electrical shock.
– LED Cell lighting is available from 6” x 6” to 5’ x 10’ to ensure entire cell is evenly lit.
– Robotic Thin Light products warranty for 3-years and power supplies warranty for 5-years.
And, In addition to that, important thing of  Thin Light  LED Robotic Nightwatch Cell Lighting is about half the cost of bar lighting or fixture lightning.
Lighting components make best visual effects for the projects. We are best in LED settings such as backlight panel, canopy light, custom light, down lights, Driver, High bay lights, Light panel, linear light, LED Robotic night-watch light and snap frame and stadium lights etc.,

Similarly, LED panels in corporate and retail market are provided by our organization.

As a conclusion, we provide you a WARRANTY PRODUCT and so we shall provide FREE SSERVICES if any defect or problem in the product.
Our goal is to supply the highest quality of LED lights combined with our World Class customer service!
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