LED Light Trends in Cars

LED light trends are constantly moving forward and progressing in every industry.

In the decades since LED lights were first developed, LED technology has continued to grow and improve. Today, LED lights can be found in many homes, businesses and municipalities. LED light use is becoming more and more widespread and increasingly, LED lights are being used in the auto industry.

In an ever changing industry, LED light trends can move quickly, but it’s always interesting to see what is being developed with this energy efficient technology.

LED Light

LED light trends and Lexus

It’s unclear if this is a trend or simply an impressive, new design created to turn heads, but to promote it’s 2017 IS sedan, Lexus used LED lights to create a car that is one of a kind. The body of the car is encased in 41,999 LED lights that are capable of displaying multi-colored animations and an impressive array of graphics. The lights are connected to three different modes that interact with nearby sounds and people, allowing the lights to sync to a track blasting out of the car’s speakers.

Clearly, a car this unique doesn’t have a large chance of becoming a mainstream design. The manufacturing alone is challenging. For example, each of the lights was installed by hand (set end to end, the 41,999 lights would stretch almost a half mile). Still, using LED lights in unique ways is becoming more and more common.

The car can be seen in the music video by Dua Lipa in her new track Be the One.

LED light trends and Chrysler

Lexus isn’t the only car manufacturer taking advantage of LED light technology. Chrysler is also using LED lights to create innovative designs. At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, Chrysler debuted the Chrysler Portal EV, a minivan-like vehicle that, in addition to numerous other cutting edge features, uses LED lights to illuminate the exterior panels of the vehicle’s doors. The doors slide outwards, making it easier to get in and out and have color-changing LED lighting on the front, side, and rear door. Chrysler also took advantage of the adaptive driving beam capabilities of LED lights paired with light-level sensors in their front headlights.

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