bezelCustom recessed downlight 4 & 6 inchFour inch bezel – roundFour inch bezel – square

LED Down Lights

4-inch and 6-inch downlights are the most common sizes found in residential homes. The 8-inch and larger modules are more likely to be used in commercial lighting, so measure the hole or your existing fixture before making your purchase if you’re replacing an existing light or fixture. Surface mount downlights can either be installed with a J-box as a flush mount, where the fixture is visible on the ceiling or installed in a larger size recessed housing. For example, a 4-inch surface mount downlight fits most 4-inch J-boxes or can be installed in standard 5 to 6-inch recessed housings. Unlike can lights, the trim on these LED downlights allow the module to sit flush against the hole, meaning less cool air escapes. LEDs also produce less heat than incandescents or CFLs, reducing your cooling cost as an added benefit to the already energy efficient product.