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LED Street Light – LED Parking Lot Lights

June 25, 2018

LED Street Light and LED Parking LED Parking Lot Lighting. LED Street Light Change Is Good: In LED Street Lighting, change is good.  First LED lighting has far surpassed conventional lighting in electrical savings and light output.  Next maintenance crew requirements are reduced to a minimum due to the long life of LED Street lights.    In fact, with lower operating temperatures LED Street Lights are safer.  Never the less, LED Light pollution is minimized with motion sensing or Dali... View Article

LED Panel by ThinLight Technologies for 2018

May 29, 2018

ThinLight Technologies Corporation is a custom manufacture of LED Panel Lights.  Manufactured in Lakeville, MN, we are a premier manufacture of custom LED Panel.  LED Panel lights are available in any size up to 5’x12′ without seams. First of all, we pride our LED panel with even light output.  Furthermore, the brightest LED panel in the industry.  To Clarify, with ThinLight patented laser etching technology, we guarantee even light distribution across the backlight. To demonstrate, our LED panel can be... View Article

ThinLight Backlight Panels Make Backlight Easy for 2018

May 28, 2018

ThinLight Custom LED Backlight Panels are manufactured in the USA.  First, light uniformity is the most difficult part of any lighting project.   Our patented laser etched panels are the most uniform in the industry.   Second, we make backlight projects easy with the uniform light output.  In conclusion, ThinLight LED panels make backlight easy.  Finally, focus on the beauty of the project, not the hot or dark spots from uneven lighting. US Bank Stadium – Backlight Panels Most noteworthy, custom... View Article

LED Hospital Lighting Reduce Emergency Room Anxiety

April 30, 2018

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to visit the emergency room after a home improvement injury.  Yes, self-induced!  I was surprised to find out the lighting in ER was ON or OFF.  For my injury,  bright lights made no difference. I did begin to think of patients with migraine headaches, eye injuries, or just being sick. Bright lights increase anxiety.  LED Hospital Lighting reduces emergency recovery room anxiety with flicker-free dimming. Looking Up In this case imagine laying... View Article

LED School Lights with Prismatic Lens

April 25, 2018

Prismatic Lens technology distributes the light evenly throughout the LED School Light panel.  Above all, the lens eliminates the hot spots on the eyes.  As you know, having even uniform light is calming.   Even more, studies have shown, 5000K and above has improved learning. LED School Lights by ThinLight Technology.  First of all, premium grade LED School Light sizes are available in 2’x2, 2’×4′, and 1’×4′.  Also, LED School Lighting designed for easy drop-in replacement, of old, obsolete, fluorescent School... View Article

LED Office Lights Improve Lighting – 2’x2′, 2’x4′, 1’x4′

April 24, 2018

LED Office Lights  LED Office Lights by ThinLight Technology.  First of all, premium grade LED Office Light sizes are available in 2’x2, 2’×4′, and 1’×4′.  Also, LED Office Lighting is designed for easy drop-in replacement, of old, obsolete, fluorescent office fixtures.  Furthermore, LED office deigns fit standard false ceiling grid patterns.  In addition, LED Lights come standard with a prismatic light diffuser.  With this, the prismatic lens gives a UGR<19.  Resulting in beautiful bright light, without the bright spots which cause... View Article

LED High Bay Light by ThinLight Technologies Corporation

April 24, 2018

LED High Bay Light First of all, LED High Bay Lights sell as a complete unit. As I have said, LED lights are ready for installation. Equally important, polycarbonate hood for eye protection comes standard. Of course, the 120-degree polycarbonate cone diffuses the light. Manufactured with Meanwell™ power supply. Philips™ high efficiency 130 Lumen per Watt LEDs. Microwave motion sensor. UL- Listed USA and Canada, IP-65 Certified, and DLC 4.0 certified. Specifications Equally important, LED High Bay lights UL Listed... View Article

LED High Bay Light Improves Safety

April 23, 2018

LED High Bay Light LED High Bay Light History Metal-Halide lamps have been an essential part of lighting history.  Until now, Lighting up our factories, and streets for decades.  We all grew up with them, so why should I change to LED High Bay Lights? Safety Warning from Metal-Halide Manufacturer First,  Metal-Halide lamps have a 20,000-hour life.  Next, the Metal-Halide manufacturer recommends to change the bulb at ½ life.  Even more, inspect fixtures and bulbs periodically per the Safety warnings. ... View Article

Illuminated Kitchen Island Stone Glows with ThinLight LED Backlight Panel

April 15, 2018

Illuminated Kitchen Caesarstone Island glows in elegance with LED Backlight Panel. ART in illuminated Stone Modern Architectural designs illuminate kitchen stone countertop with elegance.  First, illuminated Stone islands are naturally beautiful.  Second,  LED Illumination draws out magnificent patterns out of the stone.  Third, the stones natural art is illuminated.  Next, the vibrant colors radiate from the illuminated stone island.  Finally, the LED stone island shows illuminated elegance.  Along with soft, calming, mood light.    The example shown above is a... View Article

Architectural LED Downlight Designs Save Energy with Elegance

March 23, 2018

Architectural LED Downlight Designs Save Energy with Elegance.  LED downlight designs that are as impressive as your home, and save electricity. Lower Electric Bill First of all, it’s time to lower your electric bill.  LED bulbs are over four times more efficient than incandescent bulbs while lasting 50 times longer.  By the same token, LED bulbs last six times longer than CFL bulbs, while eliminating Mercury concerns. Halo Can Installation Second of all, we designed our lights to fit into... View Article

LED Troffer Lights

LED Troffer Lights Improve Lighting and Save Money

March 14, 2018

Premo LED Troffer Lights by ThinLight Technology.    First of all, premium grade troffer light sizes are  2’×4′, 2’×2′, and 1’×4′.  Also, LED lighting is designed for easy drop-in replacement, of old, obsolete, fluorescent lighting fixtures.  Furthermore, troffer size deigns fit standard false ceiling grid patterns.  In addition, LED Troffer Lights come standard with a prismatic light diffuser.  With this, the prismatic lens gives a UGR<19.  Resulting in beautiful bright light, without the bright spots which cause eye strain and... View Article

Custom Recessed LED Downlighting for Your Facility

December 13, 2017

For businesses who want to conserve energy without sacrificing light.  Along with, quality and cost savings.  First, Our recessed downlighting and troffer lighting are the perfect solution for your office.  In addition, LED Lighting offers a 50% – 80% energy savings.  Because, ThinLight creates custom downlight solutions, to help companies maximize the benefits of LED lighting. Without compromising lighting quality or reliability.  Nevertheless, our unique troffer lights use only prismatic lens.  This will enhance light distribution and brightness, not diffusers,... View Article

Why You Should Convert To LED Downlighting

December 8, 2017

There are so many benefits to using LED downlighting in your warehouse or facility. In fact, it is hard to name them all. From energy efficiency to a longer lifespan, LED lights outperform other lighting options in many areas. One benefit that often doesn’t receive as much attention is the design flexibility that LED lights offer. LED lights can be arranged in countless ways using existing or new fixtures or retrofits to create a lighting solution that is right for your... View Article

LEED Certification and LED Lights

November 16, 2017

Many facilities are working towards becoming LEED-certified. Receiving a LEED certification shows that a company or business is committed to energy efficiency and environmental protection. While there are many factors that can play a role in the energy consumption of a building, LED lights are one aspect that can help buildings and facilities move closer to receiving their LEED certification. What is LEED certification LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is an environmental, green building certification system that... View Article

LED Lights and Existing Systems in a Facility

November 8, 2017

Even though LED lights are the obvious choice when you want to reduce energy costs while improving your bottom line,  questions can arise about how a new LED light system will interact and affect existing systems in a facility. There are certain aspects that need special consideration, but often, LED lights pair well with and complement existing systems. LED fixtures and other existing systems One advantage of LED lights is that they produce virtually no heat.  With other lighting options, heat output... View Article

Answers to LED Lighting Questions

November 3, 2017

LED lights offer lower energy costs and increased savings for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint while improving their bottom line. With their longer lifespan, LED lights require less maintenance without compromising performance or quality.   Installing a new lighting system in a facility can raise many questions for beginners and experts alike, regardless of the project’s size or scope. Here are two questions worth considering if you are switching the lighting in your warehouse or factory from fluorescent... View Article

LED Light Conversion

October 25, 2017

There are many factors to consider when you are about to make the switch from a factory or warehouse’s existing lighting to LED light. LED light conversion may seem like a large and costly undertaking, but the benefits are numerous: reduced energy usage, lower monthly energy bills, fewer bulb replacements, even and consistent lighting, virtually no heat output – just to name a few. The list goes on and on. Types of LED light conversion Converting to LED light can... View Article

LED Lights Save Money and Reduce Energy Costs

October 11, 2017

LED lights save money. No matter what standard you are using, they reduce the monthly energy bill for businesses and individuals. They require significantly less energy than other traditional lighting options and companies, businesses and homeowners can see a quick return on investment when they convert their lighting to LED lights. Electrical lighting has become so commonplace and taken for granted that some people think their lighting bill is a fixed cost that can only be reduced by turning the... View Article

Lighting Design in Warehouses

October 4, 2017

Selecting and correctly executing the lighting design in a warehouse or large building can play a major role in the function and usability of the space. Low lighting can make it difficult for employees to safely complete their work. Likewise, dim areas or dark shadows can quickly become workplace hazards. On the other hand, selecting lighting that is too harsh or bright can become uncomfortable for workers over long periods of time. LED lights have become the lighting source of... View Article

LED Lights Lower Lighting Costs

September 28, 2017

Energy efficiency is a crucial component of a business’ supply chain and bottom line. Using products and practices that are as streamlined as possible can play a significant role in a company’s bottom line. There is always new technology being introduced to the market that can help improve the efficiency of an organization from packaging to bar coding to lighting. Lighting typically makes up half to three-fourths of a warehouse’s electrical needs. For many years, lighting was considered a cost that... View Article

Why You Should Be Using Durable LED Lights

September 13, 2017

Some situations require lighting options that can withstand a harsh environment. Many cities have started using durable LED lights when performing construction work and illuminating work areas, and for street and exterior lighting because they are more durable than other options on the market. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other buildings that are more hazardous are also being lit with LED lights. Durable LED lights The strength and durability of LED lights make them an ideal option for conditions that are... View Article

Calculating the ROI for LED Light Conversion

September 6, 2017

Keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in technology can be a pricey endeavor if you don’t calculate the expected return on investment (ROI) first and choose upgrades that will quickly benefit the bottom line of your company. LED lights help companies and businesses save on their lighting and energy costs, but each facility is different. The ROI that you can expect  to see after upgrading your lighting system will depend on many variables. Fortunately, calculating the ROI... View Article

Reasons for Converting to LED Lights

August 23, 2017

The advantages of converting to LED lights from traditional lighting options like fluorescent and incandescent lighting are pretty significant. The number one benefit of making the switch to LED lights is the drastic energy savings seen by businesses and homeowners. LED lights use a minimum of 75% less energy than other lighting options on the market and usually last 25 times as long. Additional LED benefits Even though energy savings are the first benefit most people think of when they... View Article

Switching to LED Lights From Other Lighting Options

August 16, 2017

We love talking about all the reasons why you should switch to LED lights from other fluorescent and incandescent lighting options. LED lights are energy efficient and cost effective. They are better for the environment and offer a quick return on investment for businesses and companies looking to improve their bottom line while reducing their carbon footprint. Switching to LED Lights The advantages of switching to LED lights don’t end with energy efficiency. LED lighting might be able to help... View Article

Less Obvious Benefits of LED Lights

August 9, 2017

Changing to LED lights is a popular option for businesses and companies looking to upgrade or replace their lighting while improving their bottom line. In the past, installing LED lighting was a significant investment for businesses, but as LED technology has improved, costs have decreased, making the energy efficient lighting a good option.   Benefits of LED Lights Today, LED lights offer a quick return on investment, and there are numerous benefits to converting the bulbs in a building from... View Article

Top 4 Benefits of LED Lights

August 2, 2017

The benefits of LED lights make them an easy choice for businesses that want to improve their bottom line. Every business owner is aware of ways they can improve their bottom line. Choosing energy efficient solutions with a quick return on investment is a good way to reduce costs while helping the environment. One easy way to reduce energy costs is by switching from filament lighting to LED lights. For many years, LED lights were expensive and had several problems... View Article

Benefits of LED Troffers vs Flourescent Troffers

July 26, 2017

While LED troffers may be less familiar than their fluorescent counterparts, they offer numerous benefits for companies and businesses looking to help their bottom line while saving energy and improving workplace productivity. Fluorescent lighting is the first option many think of when they think of the lighting in doctors’ offices, classrooms, buildings, and workplaces. But there are negative aspects to fluorescent lighting, and many people and business owners are beginning to look for other lighting options. The energy efficiency, consistent... View Article

Converting to LED Downlighting

July 12, 2017

Converting to LED downlighting can be an ideal option for companies that want to save money in energy and lighting costs without compromising lighting quality. Often, businesses see a quick return on investment (ROI) as well as numerous other benefits when they make the switch. Typically, converting to LED downlighting is a relatively easy process for facilities, and once complete, each of the LED bulbs used lasts for years and years. Businesses can feel good knowing that converting to LED... View Article

Calculating the ROI of LED Lighting

July 5, 2017

Calculating the ROI of LED lighting is important for any business or individual thinking of switching to LED lighting. Whether you are a business or individual, saving money is always a good thing. Yet even with the best of intentions, if you don’t watch your costs, it can be easy to find yourself suddenly going broke because of all the money you are trying to save. Payback on investment is an important component to any financial choice you make, whether... View Article

Top Benefits of Custom Recessed Downlighting

June 22, 2017

Installing custom recessed downlighting is one of the quickest ways to maximize the benefits of LED lights in a large setting. Thinlight’s custom recessed downlighting features In addition to their other products, Thinlight also manufactures custom recessed downlights for warehouses and workspaces.The designers at Thinlight know that having the right lighting to fit a space is important for any company. That’s why they offer downlights with a modular design that come in two different designs and five trim colors: white,... View Article

Showcasing Your Message in Thin LED Light Panels

June 14, 2017

Thin LED light panels can sit unobtrusively on the wall while showcasing your message. Light panels of the past have been bulky products that aren’t practical for many settings, but as technology has continued to improve, LED lights have made it possible to create light panels that are so thin, they almost sit flat on the wall. Thin LED Light Panels: Custom sizes and design Thinlight specializes in making thin LED light panels that are thinner than many picture frames.... View Article

Benefits of LED Downlighting for Commercial and Residential Spaces

May 24, 2017

There are numerous advantages to  LED downlighting, but one benefit that isn’t talked about as much is their design flexibility. There are countless ways that LED lights can be arranged in dozens of different fixtures and retrofits. Other lighting options, on the other hand, like fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are much more limited in their usage and application options. LED lights can be designed to fit almost any purpose whether the setting is in a commercial or residential building. Benefits... View Article

Incorporating LED Lighting into a Commercial Space

May 17, 2017

There are many ways LED lighting can be added to an office, warehouse or residential setting. LED lights are beneficial no matter where they are used. It seems like almost any setting can benefit from replacing other lighting options with LED lights. Especially in larger commercial settings, the advantages of LED lights quickly add up and help the environment and the company’s bottom line. LED lights are more energy efficient than other lighting options and last years longer. That, in... View Article

4 Benefits of High Bay LED Lighting

May 10, 2017

Warehouse owners and managers have numerous lighting options, but one type is becoming increasingly popular. High bay LED lighting boasts many features that make them a great choice for commercial spaces. LED lights aren’t becoming common in just warehouses. Any space or facility that has high ceilings and requires illumination of 15 feet or more can benefit from LED lights.  Sports arenas, gymnasiums, loading docks and other industrial spaces are all starting to be illuminated by LED lights. Here’s a closer... View Article

CustomThin LED Light Panels

April 19, 2017

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of using thin LED light panels to show off their graphics and messages. As LED light technology continues to be developed, LED light panels are becoming increasingly affordable and cost effective. Thinlight offers a variety of standard thin LED light panels sizes. We also are able to create light panels at virtually any custom size. No matter what size you need to fit your space, we can help you create the display... View Article

Thinlight LED Light Panels

March 22, 2017

LED light panels are a great way to showcase your message no matter your audience or building that you have in mind. Thinlight’s light panels use cutting edge technology to make a product that is as reliable as it is energy efficient. Using LED light panels LED light panels can be used in a variety of settings for advertising and to highlight information. They are effective in almost any indoor environments from subways to airports, shopping malls to building entrances.... View Article

Guide to LED Lights for Businesses

February 15, 2017

After hearing about all the benefits of LED lights and evaluating the options for your business, you’ve decided to make the switch from traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting to energy efficient LED lights. Congratulations! But once you’ve decided to make the switch to LED lights, there are still many LED light options to select from. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing the right LED light for your space. LED light considerations There are five things... View Article

LED Light Trends in Cars

February 8, 2017

LED light trends are constantly moving forward and progressing in every industry. In the decades since LED lights were first developed, LED technology has continued to grow and improve. Today, LED lights can be found in many homes, businesses and municipalities. LED light use is becoming more and more widespread and increasingly, LED lights are being used in the auto industry. In an ever changing industry, LED light trends can move quickly, but it’s always interesting to see what is... View Article

LED Light Trends

February 1, 2017

As designers and developers are continuing to pursue new LED light trends for the everyday consumer and their home, more and more options are appearing on the market. Much has been said about the benefits of using LED lights in home fixtures. LED lights save homeowners on their energy bills, last longer, and have less impact on the environment. But basic home lighting isn’t the only area that LED lights have begun to make an impact. LED lights are incredibly... View Article

How LED Lights Save Money

January 25, 2017

It’s hard to deny the simple fact that LED lights save money. Home and business lighting has is so commonplace, it’s something most of us take for granted every day. In fact, very few of us have had to live without the convenience of being able to turn on a light with the simple flip of a switch. Many people pay the monthly electric bill and because it isn’t a big ticket item, rarely think about the cost of lighting... View Article

Considerations for Buying LED Lights

January 11, 2017

When buying LED lights for your home or business, there are many factors that are worth considering before selecting a bulb. LED lights come in a variety of colors and brightnesses and each type of bulb has a different setting that it is best suited for. Buying LED lights: What are you hoping to achieve with LED lights? LED lights have given consumers greater flexibility and functionality with their lighting options that were previously unavailable to them. Beautiful lighting displays... View Article

The Future of LED Light

January 4, 2017

The future of LED light is expected to be full of growth and continued development and ingenuity. The New Year always brings a wave of reflection and predictions for the future. People and businesses review the year behind them and set goals for the future. Entire industries are less likely to make New Year’s resolutions, but it is common to see predictions about what trends and changes will happen in an industry. The light industry is no different and the... View Article

Top New Year’s LED Light Show

December 28, 2016

An impressive New Year’s LED light show can help make New Year celebrations festive and energy efficient around the world. New Year’s celebrations in cities across the globe are colorful and a site to see. For many, they are a vibrant way to kick-off the new year and celebrate the closing of an old year.  We’ve compiled a list for you of our favorites cities that host spectacular LED shows for New Years. New York City’s New Year’s LED light... View Article

Calculating the Return on Investment of an LED

December 21, 2016

Determining the return on investment of an LED light can be hard to calculate but useful if you are considering making the switch from conventional lighting methods to LED lights. The upfront cost of LED lights can be a deterrent for many people when they are considering making the switch from conventional lighting options like incandescent, fluorescent or CFLs to LED lights. But homes and businesses can save huge amounts of money on their electrical bills by switching to LED... View Article

LED Lights in the Workplace Increase Safety

December 14, 2016

Many homeowners and businesses find the advantages to using LED lights far outweigh the initially higher costs associated with purchasing and installation. The environmental and cost-saving benefits of LED lights are often talked about while the advantage of using LED lights to increase workplace safety isn’t as well-known. Upgrading to LED lights in the workplace can enhance safety and promote a healthier environment for employees. A few of the benefits include: LED lights in the workplace: reducing falls and other workplace... View Article

All About the Manufacturing of LED Lights

November 23, 2016

As technology has progressed, the manufacturing of LED lights has improved and become more efficient. While many high-tech machines and chemicals are needed to complete the process, the theory and process behind LED light production is easy to understand. The raw materials Scientists and developers have learned how to harness the light produced by electrons and developed reliable and efficient LED lights. The two basic components of LED lights are the following: Diodes – Diodes are made of thin layers... View Article

Components of an LED light

November 2, 2016

While the technology and components of an LED light may be relatively simple, LED lights have improved and revolutionized modern lighting. They provide consistent light while being vastly more energy efficient and cost-effective than fluorescent, incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) options. While LED technology may have changed the lighting industry, LEDs remain fairly simple in construction. Instead of relying on a complex system of parts, the creators of LED lights found a way to harness a simple process to... View Article

ThinLight and Quality Assurance

April 20, 2016

Quality Assurance At ThinLight, we know that quality assurance and customer confidence is vital. “They just don’t make them like they used to”, might be said about other products, but we want people to know that ThinLight is a quality brand that they can trust. The quality assurance of a brand is something that is built slowly over time. It takes dedication and attention to detail not just once, but each and every time a product is assembled and shipped... View Article

Do you know about these three benefits of LED lights?

April 13, 2016

No one wants to throw their money away when a simple change could save hundreds of dollars. By now, it’s well-known that LED lights can help homeowners and businesses whittle down their lighting costs. Switching to LED lights can save an average of $266.75 over 50,000 hours of usage when compared to using incandescent lighting. While saving money on lighting costs is a great reason to use LED lights and LED light products, there are more benefits of LED lights... View Article

Lighting Up Your Options: Interior LED Lights

March 26, 2016

Choosing the lighting for a new home or a redesign project is always an important and exciting process, but today, with the hundreds of interior uses for LED lights, homeowners are finding so many new ways to add light and decoration to their spaces. At the same time, they are making their homes more energy efficient. Problems with traditional bulbs Before, designers and homeowners were limited to bulbs in the shape or long cylinder bulbs. Of course, they could be... View Article

Benefits Of LED Light Panel Displays That You Should Know

February 11, 2016

For years, the engineers, technicians and staff at ThinLight have worked together to produce a high-quality LED light panel display, and they’ve developed a reputation in the industry for reliable, cutting edge products. We’ve seen our LED light panel displays used in every setting you can imagine – from sporting arenas, to malls, to industry conventions, to shopping centers. Our customers know that if they have a message or graphic they want seen by their audience, ThinLight is their best... View Article

LED Light Boxes – Getting More Eyes On Your Message

February 3, 2016

Everywhere you look, you can find an LED light boxes showcasing someone’s advertisement or graphic. Illuminated signs are easy to see, and people are noticing them. Customers are using ThinLight’s light boxes to illuminate everything from graphic signs to business’ logos. Also known as LED light panels, LED light boxes are reinforcing people’s messages and taking advantage of cutting edge technology attract customer’s attention. Businesses are also using LED lights to enhance the mood of a space with wall panels... View Article

Decoding Color Temperature

January 29, 2016

Color temperature is easy to take for granted. When it’s right, we hardly notice, but when it’s wrong, everyone notices. The wrong color temperature literally puts things in the wrong light and affects how everything in a room looks. If you ask someone if they’d be willing to change all their incandescent bulbs over to something more energy efficient, like an LED bulb, chances are you’ll get one of three responses: Sure, I’d love to. Nope, they’re too expensive. I... View Article

Two-sided LED Light Panels

January 12, 2016

Two-sided LED light panels give you twice as much area to share your message with the public. They have countless applications from convention centers to retail spaces and are made with the same high quality as all of ThinLight’s products. The Advantage of Two-sides Most people are familiar with one-sided, standard LED light boxes, and it’s easy to image your graphic on display inside of one. Standard LED light boxes have become commonplace, and their application can be seen almost... View Article

Why You Should Go Green With Energy Efficient LED Light Signs

January 1, 2016

It’s pretty clear that “going green” isn’t just a trend. Environmental consciousness is here to stay. In every area of life, people and businesses are becoming more aware of the effect that their actions are having on the world around them. Fortunately, ThinLight makes efficient LED light signs that are perfect for illuminating your message while having a significantly lower environmental impact. In the 50 years since LED lights entered the market, the technology behind them has continued to improve.... View Article

Use A Custom LED Light Panel To Get the Size You Need

October 9, 2015

  ThinLight LED light panels come in standard sizes ranging from 16 by 20 inches to 144 by 60 inches. We find that range of sizes covers most of our customer’s needs. But what if you need something a little bigger or a little smaller? Or what if you have an idea that could only be executed with a cylinder light panel? Fortunately, we can easily design a custom LED light panel to fit your graphic. Custom LED light panel... View Article

Curved LED Light Panels Show Off Your Message From Every Angle

September 29, 2015

It’s easy to imagine the benefits of putting your message in a standard LED light panel frame to illuminate your graphic so that it can be eye-catching and show off your message. But maybe what you have in mind calls for a little something more. Maybe you need your sign to be visible no matter where people are standing. Or maybe you want your sign suspended in the middle of a showroom floor. Or maybe you have a unique space... View Article

High-Quality, Reliable LED Light Panels

September 12, 2015

The quality of light you use to illuminate your graphic plays a huge role in how successful your campaign or display will be. ThinLight Corp prides itself on manufacturing reliable LED light panels that produce an even, consistent light. Each of their products has a long expected lifespan and is of the highest quality on the market. Our light panels undergo rigorous testing before they are sent to customers to ensure high standards of quality. Producing Reliable LED Light Panels ThinLight’s LED light... View Article

Use Bent Acrylic Light Panels To Put Your Message Ahead Of The Curve

September 2, 2015

A bent acrylic light panel might sound counter-intuitive. After all, bending acrylic or any type of light panel would surely break it – right? But what if instead of a bent acrylic light panel, you used a curved light panel to illuminate your message. Curved or bent light panels are a great way to showcase your new promotional campaign, company logo or convention message. They have applications in advertising, mood lighting, and interior decoration. Curved LED light panels give you... View Article

8 LED Light Advantages You Need To Know About

July 8, 2015

Even though LED lights have been on the market for a couple years now they haven’t become as commonplace as incandescent or CFLs (fluorescent) lights. Yet LED light advantages out perform their traditional counterparts in multiple areas. LED Light Advantages From energy savings to a longer lifespan, the benefits of LED lights are impressive. Here are eight things you need to know about LED light advantages before you replace your next light bulb with an incandescent or fluorescent. Light-emitting diode LEDs... View Article

Benefits Of Interior LED Lights In Design

June 9, 2015

For some time, LED lights have been known as a more energy efficient alternative to traditional lighting. Because the bulbs are more expensive than halogen and incandescent bulbs, interior LED lights are often overlooked for use in the home, but they offer a number of longterm benefits that may justify the investment. Interior LED light adds visual interest Adding accent light to a room is a great way to create visual interest using a low power lighting source. LED lights tend to have... View Article

LED Light In Design

May 29, 2015

The demand for quality LED light design for interior projects is on the rise. Store shelves can’t seem to stock their unique LED lighting fixtures fast enough.  LEDs are more energy efficient and more cost effective than traditional lighting options. They have a longer lifespan and create less light pollution and emissions. Here are a few ideas for ways you can use LED light in your next interior design project. Recessed LED fittings Because of their longer lifespan, LED lights... View Article

Commercial LED Light Panels, 5 Great Uses

May 12, 2015

LED light panels are commonly used for marketing messages in airports, malls and retail stores. Recent advances in technology have opened the door to a new line of LED lighting products for commercial spaces. Commercial LED light panels are perfect for large spaces. Their durability, energy efficiency and long life span make them the best choice over fluorescents and traditionally lighted signs. Thinlight Corporation builds reliable LED light panels. Each LED light panel is designed and assembled in the United States to ensure the fastest lead... View Article

5 Top LED Light Uses

April 22, 2015

It’s easy to hear someone says that there are hundreds of LED light uses, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine how you could use them in your own house or next interior design project. LED lights have become much more common in homes in recent years, and with their multiple benefits, including energy efficiency and a long lifespan, it’s no surprise. There is no way we could list all the great places we’ve seen LED lights used, but here are our top five... View Article

Energy Efficiency and LED Lights

April 14, 2015

Until recently, incandescent and fluorescent lights have been the standard in most homes and public spaces. However, the efficiency of LED lights make them a much better option. The first LED light was created over 50 years ago and the benefits of LED light quickly became well-known. LED lights can have a major impact on reducing the running costs of interior and exterior lighting in private homes, public buildings, and commercial properties. If you want to increase you energy efficiency, LED lights are... View Article

Interior LED Light Border

March 24, 2015

Consider including an LED light border in your next interior design project to add a subtle lighting source and to support the feeling you are creating with your design. Whether it’s inset into a tray ceiling, placed along the underside of cabinetry, or installed somewhere else in the room, an LED light border could help create the perfect ambiance. Many of the same features that make Thinlight products ideal for displaying graphics also make them a great option for interior design... View Article