LED Hospital Lighting Reduce Emergency Room Anxiety

April 30, 2018

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to visit the emergency room after a home improvement injury.  Yes, self-induced!  I was surprised to find out the lighting in ER was ON or OFF.  For my injury,  bright lights made no difference. I did begin to think of patients with migraine headaches, eye injuries, or just being sick. Bright lights increase anxiety.  LED Hospital Lighting reduces emergency recovery room anxiety with flicker-free dimming. Looking Up In this case imagine laying... View Article

LED School Lights with Prismatic Lens

April 25, 2018

Prismatic Lens technology distributes the light evenly throughout the LED School Light panel.  Above all, the lens eliminates the hot spots on the eyes.  As you know, having even uniform light is calming.   Even more, studies have shown, 5000K and above has improved learning. LED School Lights by ThinLight Technology.  First of all, premium grade LED School Light sizes are available in 2’x2, 2’×4′, and 1’×4′.  Also, LED School Lighting designed for easy drop-in replacement, of old, obsolete, fluorescent School... View Article

LED Office Lights Improve Lighting – 2’x2′, 2’x4′, 1’x4′

April 24, 2018

LED Office Lights  LED Office Lights by ThinLight Technology.  First of all, premium grade LED Office Light sizes are available in 2’x2, 2’×4′, and 1’×4′.  Also, LED Office Lighting is designed for easy drop-in replacement, of old, obsolete, fluorescent office fixtures.  Furthermore, LED office deigns fit standard false ceiling grid patterns.  In addition, LED Lights come standard with a prismatic light diffuser.  With this, the prismatic lens gives a UGR<19.  Resulting in beautiful bright light, without the bright spots which cause... View Article

LED High Bay Light by ThinLight Technologies Corporation

April 24, 2018

LED High Bay Light First of all, LED High Bay Lights sell as a complete unit. As I have said, LED lights are ready for installation. Equally important, polycarbonate hood for eye protection comes standard. Of course, the 120-degree polycarbonate cone diffuses the light. Manufactured with Meanwell™ power supply. Philips™ high efficiency 130 Lumen per Watt LEDs. Microwave motion sensor. UL- Listed USA and Canada, IP-65 Certified, and DLC 4.0 certified. Specifications Equally important, LED High Bay lights UL Listed... View Article

LED High Bay Light Improves Safety

April 23, 2018

LED High Bay Light LED High Bay Light History Metal-Halide lamps have been an essential part of lighting history.  Until now, Lighting up our factories, and streets for decades.  We all grew up with them, so why should I change to LED High Bay Lights? Safety Warning from Metal-Halide Manufacturer First,  Metal-Halide lamps have a 20,000-hour life.  Next, the Metal-Halide manufacturer recommends to change the bulb at ½ life.  Even more, inspect fixtures and bulbs periodically per the Safety warnings. ... View Article

Illuminated Kitchen Island Stone Glows with ThinLight LED Backlight Panel

April 15, 2018

Illuminated Kitchen Caesarstone Island glows in elegance with LED Backlight Panel. ART in illuminated Stone Modern Architectural designs illuminate kitchen stone countertop with elegance.  First, illuminated Stone islands are naturally beautiful.  Second,  LED Illumination draws out magnificent patterns out of the stone.  Third, the stones natural art is illuminated.  Next, the vibrant colors radiate from the illuminated stone island.  Finally, the LED stone island shows illuminated elegance.  Along with soft, calming, mood light.    The example shown above is a... View Article