Custom Recessed LED Downlighting for Your Facility

December 13, 2017

For businesses who want to conserve energy without sacrificing light.  Along with, quality and cost savings.  First, Our recessed downlighting and troffer lighting are the perfect solution for your office.  In addition, LED Lighting offers a 50% – 80% energy savings.  Because, ThinLight creates custom downlight solutions, to help companies maximize the benefits of LED lighting. Without compromising lighting quality or reliability.  Nevertheless, our unique troffer lights use only prismatic lens.  This will enhance light distribution and brightness, not diffusers,... View Article

Why You Should Convert To LED Downlighting

December 8, 2017

There are so many benefits to using LED downlighting in your warehouse or facility. In fact, it is hard to name them all. From energy efficiency to a longer lifespan, LED lights outperform other lighting options in many areas. One benefit that often doesn’t receive as much attention is the design flexibility that LED lights offer. LED lights can be arranged in countless ways using existing or new fixtures or retrofits to create a lighting solution that is right for your... View Article