Knowing the Cost of LED Lights

November 21, 2017

Installing LED lights can drastically improve a facility’s energy consumption and overall efficiency. Having realistic expectations about the impact of an LED light project, whether it’s a new installation or a conversion project, can help when you are considering a new project and when you are evaluating the success of a completed project. Because every project and application is vastly different, it is impossible to provide a detailed answer that will cover each situation. However, regardless of how they are... View Article

LEED Certification and LED Lights

November 16, 2017

Many facilities are working towards becoming LEED-certified. Receiving a LEED certification shows that a company or business is committed to energy efficiency and environmental protection. While there are many factors that can play a role in the energy consumption of a building, LED lights are one aspect that can help buildings and facilities move closer to receiving their LEED certification. What is LEED certification LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is an environmental, green building certification system that... View Article

LED Lights and Existing Systems in a Facility

November 8, 2017

Even though LED lights are the obvious choice when you want to reduce energy costs while improving your bottom line,  questions can arise about how a new LED light system will interact and affect existing systems in a facility. There are certain aspects that need special consideration, but often, LED lights pair well with and complement existing systems. LED fixtures and other existing systems One advantage of LED lights is that they produce virtually no heat.  With other lighting options, heat output... View Article

Answers to LED Lighting Questions

November 3, 2017

LED lights offer lower energy costs and increased savings for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint while improving their bottom line. With their longer lifespan, LED lights require less maintenance without compromising performance or quality.   Installing a new lighting system in a facility can raise many questions for beginners and experts alike, regardless of the project’s size or scope. Here are two questions worth considering if you are switching the lighting in your warehouse or factory from fluorescent... View Article