Reasons for Converting to LED Lights

August 23, 2017

The advantages of converting to LED lights from traditional lighting options like fluorescent and incandescent lighting are pretty significant. The number one benefit of making the switch to LED lights is the drastic energy savings seen by businesses and homeowners. LED lights use a minimum of 75% less energy than other lighting options on the market and usually last 25 times as long. Additional LED benefits Even though energy savings are the first benefit most people think of when they... View Article

Switching to LED Lights From Other Lighting Options

August 16, 2017

We love talking about all the reasons why you should switch to LED lights from other fluorescent and incandescent lighting options. LED lights are energy efficient and cost effective. They are better for the environment and offer a quick return on investment for businesses and companies looking to improve their bottom line while reducing their carbon footprint. Switching to LED Lights The advantages of switching to LED lights don’t end with energy efficiency. LED lighting might be able to help... View Article

Less Obvious Benefits of LED Lights

August 9, 2017

Changing to LED lights is a popular option for businesses and companies looking to upgrade or replace their lighting while improving their bottom line. In the past, installing LED lighting was a significant investment for businesses, but as LED technology has improved, costs have decreased, making the energy efficient lighting a good option.   Benefits of LED Lights Today, LED lights offer a quick return on investment, and there are numerous benefits to converting the bulbs in a building from... View Article

Top 4 Benefits of LED Lights

August 2, 2017

The benefits of LED lights make them an easy choice for businesses that want to improve their bottom line. Every business owner is aware of ways they can improve their bottom line. Choosing energy efficient solutions with a quick return on investment is a good way to reduce costs while helping the environment. One easy way to reduce energy costs is by switching from filament lighting to LED lights. For many years, LED lights were expensive and had several problems... View Article