Top Benefits of Custom Recessed Downlighting

June 22, 2017

Installing custom recessed downlighting is one of the quickest ways to maximize the benefits of LED lights in a large setting. Thinlight’s custom recessed downlighting features In addition to their other products, Thinlight also manufactures custom recessed downlights for warehouses and workspaces.The designers at Thinlight know that having the right lighting to fit a space is important for any company. That’s why they offer downlights with a modular design that come in two different designs and five trim colors: white,... View Article

Showcasing Your Message in Thin LED Light Panels

June 14, 2017

Thin LED light panels can sit unobtrusively on the wall while showcasing your message. Light panels of the past have been bulky products that aren’t practical for many settings, but as technology has continued to improve, LED lights have made it possible to create light panels that are so thin, they almost sit flat on the wall. Thin LED Light Panels: Custom sizes and design Thinlight specializes in making thin LED light panels that are thinner than many picture frames.... View Article

Top Benefits of Troffer LED Light Panels

June 7, 2017

Troffer LED light panels are a better option than fluorescent light panels for commercial and non-commercial settings. They are more energy efficient, have a longer lifespan and have a quicker return on investment for companies. Benefits of troffer LED light panels Before LED lights became more affordable and commonplace, many light panels used fluorescent bulbs. Now, while many light panels are still lit with fluorescent bulbs, LED lights are gaining in popularity. It’s easy to understand why. With all the... View Article