Frame your Graphics with Thinlight’s Snap Frame Extrusions

April 26, 2017

Changing out the graphics in your light panel or display board shouldn’t be difficult. We all have enough things going on that dealing with a panel or display board that is anything less that simple to use isn’t worth your time. Thinlight prides itself at making LED light panels with snap frame extrusions that are easy enough for anyone to use. How to use Thinlight’s snap frames With Thinlight’s LED panel snap frames, replacing your old graphic is as easy... View Article

CustomThin LED Light Panels

April 19, 2017

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of using thin LED light panels to show off their graphics and messages. As LED light technology continues to be developed, LED light panels are becoming increasingly affordable and cost effective. Thinlight offers a variety of standard thin LED light panels sizes. We also are able to create light panels at virtually any custom size. No matter what size you need to fit your space, we can help you create the display... View Article

Use A LED Light Box to Illuminate Your Message

April 11, 2017

Using a LED light box to illuminate your message makes advertising more reliable, energy efficient and low-maintenance than ever before. When LED lights hit the market in the 1970’s, they were a new technology that promised to change the way homes and businesses were lit. Since then, LED technology has continued to improve and progress, and LED light bulbs are being used in more and more areas. The pioneers of LED lights probably weren’t thinking of advertising uses when they developed the... View Article

Modular Light Panels with LED Snap Frames

April 5, 2017

By using modular light panels with LED snap frames and flash/fade technology, businesses can share their message and can capture their customer’s attention. The human eye is naturally drawn to movement. Businesses and marketing departments can take advantage of this natural tendency by using movement and bright graphics to capture their customer’s attention. Modular light panels offer open more options Modular light panels give businesses more options for displaying their message by taking advantage of the attraction that movement and... View Article