The Development of LED Lights

October 26, 2016

The development of LED lights has had a huge impact on technology and electronics. LED lights might be small, but they play a significant role in technology and in our daily lives. LEDs can be found in everything from tiny flashes of light on electronic devices to LEDs in large clusters that form business signs. They’ve played a significant role in the history and development of electronics and are continuing to improve every day. Initial Development of LED lights The... View Article

LED Lights in Industrial Lighting

October 19, 2016

Using LED lights in industrial lighting isn’t a new idea, but improvements in technology have made LED lights increasingly energy efficient. LED lights produce the same level and color of light without needing frequent replacement. They might be a little more costly upfront, but they will quickly pay for themselves. In an industrial setting, there are multiple areas that need specific types of lighting. Fortunately, needs of each space can be met with the right LED lights. Industrial lighting High... View Article

Disposing Of CFLs When You Replace Them With LEDs

October 12, 2016

With the increase in LED usage, many consumers are replacing old bulbs with more efficient options. However, disposing of CFLs takes a little bit more care than just tossing them in the trash. Long before LEDs hit the market, manufacturers and consumers had been looking for more efficient and more affordable lighting options. Today, LEDs are the undisputed leader in the industry and as technology continues to advance, LEDs are becoming more and more cost-effective. As people are replacing their... View Article

Using LED Lights to Grow Plants

October 5, 2016

While the initial cost of LED lights is often a concern for many gardeners and growers, the benefits of using LED lights to grow plants is worth considering. Few climates are blessed with the sun that meets all of their growing needs year round. Even in the best-designed greenhouses, a significant percentage of solar radiation is blocked by the building’s structure and the glazing on the glass before the light reaches the plants. In regions with shorter growing seasons or... View Article