The Cost of LED Lights

June 22, 2016

With the higher initial cost of LED lights, it is no wonder many consumers question whether spending more upfront is worth it. Traditional lighting options like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and newer CFL bulbs are cheaper and more familiar than LED lights. However, with their longer lifespan and significantly higher energy efficiency rates, LED lights quickly pay for themselves and can save homeowners thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the light. Why is the cost of LED lights initially... View Article

Answers to Common LED Light Questions

June 15, 2016

Even though LED lights are gaining in popularity, there are still a lot of LED light questions about how they work and the terminology that goes along with LED technology. Fortunately, LED technology is pretty straightforward and understandable. Answers to Common LED Light Questions What are LED lights? LED lights, or light emitting diodes, were first invented in 1907 by the British scientist H. J. Round. Since then, LED technology has improved dramatically. Today, LED lights convert electrical energy directly into... View Article

Why You Need LED Lights for Your Home

June 8, 2016

Not sure if you need LED lights for your home? With the numerous benefits of switching from traditional lighting to LED lights, it’s easy to see why these energy efficient bulbs are becoming increasingly popular in homes. LED lights can save an average home with 24 light bulbs tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs over the 17-year lifespan of the bulbs. Plus, homeowners can feel good knowing that the choices they are making on home lighting are the... View Article

Durability of LED Lights

June 1, 2016

For lighting cities, performing construction work, and illuminating areas where lighting sources need to withstand tough environmental and weather conditions, professionals choose the stability and durability of LED lights. There have been numerous news articles recently about cities switching from traditional incandescent, fluorescent and CFL lighting to LED lights. Especially for outdoor lighting, LED lights are becoming increasingly popular as LED technology continues to improve and the price per bulb continues to drop. More and more street lights, illuminated signs... View Article