Lighting Up Your Options: Interior LED Lights

March 26, 2016

Choosing the lighting for a new home or a redesign project is always an important and exciting process, but today, with the hundreds of interior uses for LED lights, homeowners are finding so many new ways to add light and decoration to their spaces. At the same time, they are making their homes more energy efficient. Problems with traditional bulbs Before, designers and homeowners were limited to bulbs in the shape or long cylinder bulbs. Of course, they could be... View Article

Thinlight Can Create a Custom Light Panel for Your Space

March 10, 2016

As LED light technology continues to advance and improve, more companies are taking advantage of the benefits of LED light panels to showcase their graphics and message. Adding a custom light panel to your office building or to your next tradeshow event can seem like a complicated undertaking. However, no matter what makes your situation unique – maybe it’s the layout of your space, or the potential for glare from windows – the team at Thinlight will work with you... View Article

Use Multiple Graphics to Make Your Message Stand Out

March 1, 2016

Each of ThinLight’s light panels uses ThinLight’s patented snap frames to hold graphics securely in place. Those snap frames contain springs that are so strong they are difficult to open with bare hands and are sturdy enough to hold not one, but multiple layers of graphics firmly and securely in place. The option of adding a second layer to a light panel gives customers more design choices for each of their light panels and using multiple graphics adds depth to the image... View Article