Decoding Color Temperature

January 29, 2016

Color temperature is easy to take for granted. When it’s right, we hardly notice, but when it’s wrong, everyone notices. The wrong color temperature literally puts things in the wrong light and affects how everything in a room looks. If you ask someone if they’d be willing to change all their incandescent bulbs over to something more energy efficient, like an LED bulb, chances are you’ll get one of three responses: Sure, I’d love to. Nope, they’re too expensive. I... View Article

Two-sided LED Light Panels

January 12, 2016

Two-sided LED light panels give you twice as much area to share your message with the public. They have countless applications from convention centers to retail spaces and are made with the same high quality as all of ThinLight’s products. The Advantage of Two-sides Most people are familiar with one-sided, standard LED light boxes, and it’s easy to image your graphic on display inside of one. Standard LED light boxes have become commonplace, and their application can be seen almost... View Article

Why You Should Go Green With Energy Efficient LED Light Signs

January 1, 2016

It’s pretty clear that “going green” isn’t just a trend. Environmental consciousness is here to stay. In every area of life, people and businesses are becoming more aware of the effect that their actions are having on the world around them. Fortunately, ThinLight makes efficient LED light signs that are perfect for illuminating your message while having a significantly lower environmental impact. In the 50 years since LED lights entered the market, the technology behind them has continued to improve.... View Article